USAID Municipal Climate Change Strategies Project

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1) Improve Local Democratic Processes - increased civic activism; - more responsive local governments; - increased cooperation among CSOs, citizens, and local governments; and - increased CSO involvement in policy and oversight 2) Increase Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change - improved local policy environment for climate change; - reduced emissions of greenhouse gases by municipalities; - increased resilience of stakeholders to climate change; and - increased citizens’ awareness of climate change.
The project approach addresses both, the need to strengthen civil society and the need to raise awareness, boost activism, and bolster local resilience to global climate change. Using an innovative methodology called the Green Agenda method (GA), this project brings together stakeholders, including CSOs, citizens, the private sector and municipal authorities, to develop a consensus-based strategy and action plan to address adaptation to climate change and mitigation of its effects. While fostering resilience to climate change, the project strengthens the linkages between local authorities and the community by boosting civic activism. Activities are focused in ten municipalities: Pehcevo, Tearce, Bogdanci, Krivogashtani, Mavrovo/Rostushe, Bogovinje, Studenicani, Vinica, Delcevo, and Prilep.
Project name:USAID Municipal Climate Change Strategies Project
Project is financed by:United States Agency for International Development - USAID
Total Project Budget:2,800,000 USD

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